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E-mail: marktiarra@gmail.com
Web: www.markyforhire.com
Phone: 201 800 2166
Address: Paramus, New Jersey
About Me I have been with the Internet since it was just a wee toddler; designing, programming, and producing rich media. I have bottle fed "the web" with bits and bytes for just about every industry you can think of...
If you need to chat me up, tell me how shiny my head is, or get the most awesome (and humble) Internet specialist on your side...

Email: marktiarra@gmail.com
Web: www.markyforhire.com
Phone: 201 800 2166
Address: Paramus, New Jersey

I was born a chubby little thing right about when we put the first man on the moon (yes I actually believe we landed there) right here in the oft-maligned State of New Jersey.

As a young teen, I became interested in computers and was soon programming BBS software on my brandy new Apple //C. It was a total hit with the ladies and I had to fend off one supermodel after another.

By the time I hit college, I was programming in several languages and also developing an interest in artistic pursuits. Music, art, written word... You know, all the things that your parents BEG you to do so you can become rich and successful.

By 1994, I was doing pretty well designing print media and had a client who wanted me to make one of these newfangled website thingies. Turned out that was the best idea ever...

So I combined my artistic skills with my programming skills and 20 years later, here I am!

available for freelance

about me

Artist, nerd, musician, language lover, physics geek, baseball player, jiu jitsu wannabe, dude who sleeps on the floor.

To sum me up in one word, Honorificabilitudinitatibus. If you can say that three times in rapid succession, I will suddenly appear, ready to do your bidding.

Beyond that, I'm just a completely weird dude who loves to do all things new. The process of learning excites me and that enthusiasm is what I bring to each and every new project I get involved with.


technical skills

Here is a list of a few of the things I can do for you. I've left off my mad cooking skills and ability to trip whilst going up the stairs, only because I am not sure anyone is paying for that.

XHTML/CSS - The latest, the greatest, the webbiest techno web page coding this side of a Commodore 64.

PHP / Smarty - Lots and lots of content management systems have driven me to learn PHP and Smarty templating. Most of this happened kicking and screaming.

Language Specialist - In case it matters, I speak Portuguese and can get by in Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Photoshop - I've been working with it since Photoshop 3.0! I've even got some nifty awards for my work.

Video / Audio Editing - If it makes noise and looks cool, I'm all about it. My musical works have been used on some TV shows as well as in numerous corporate presentations. I do all the mixing and mastering right in the home office.

available for freelance

work experience


Alt Internet period: august 2006-present


110 Media period: april 2003-june 2006

senior developer

Duke Media period: jun 2000-march 2003


GIA period: february 1996-june 2000

As a partner at Alt Internet, I oversee all aspects of the business. We handle large scale integrations mostly in the "mentertainment" publishing milieu.

As the head of IT for 110 Media, I oversaw all of the company's digital development and often found myself amazed at the inner workings of a public company.

Working under a brilliant, mad Internet scientist, I created the web's very first Frankensite. Well, not that, but I did learn some very important skills there.

My work at the GIA involved more than just development, some of which got me in various news outlets. It was a trippy time, when the Internet was still the gold rush.

my latest work

Here are a few samples of my latest noodlings. If you need to see specific types of pieces to get a better gauge on what I can do for you, please feel free to give me a holler.

It can't all be high art, but it can certainly all do exactly what each client needs to get the most from it.

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Paramus, NJ

Phone/Text: 201 800 2166
Skype: thetaoofmark
E-mail: marktiarra@gmail.com
Website: www.markyforhire.com